After 25 years selling beautiful alpaca products all over the world, the owner of The Alpaca Collection, Richard Hartley, has retired and the business is being closed down. The aim of the business was to help knitters and artisans in Peru and Bolivia, who are less fortunate than those in the West, and to improve the quality of their lives by bringing to a wider market, their wonderful products. 

We have now a small selection of ends of lines and samples, which are being offered for sale at hugely discounted prices to clear the remaining stock. There are incredible bargains to be had on the first come first served basis.

Please send your enquiries to or telephone 01789 209229.

Should you wish to purchase a product or item, payment is accepted via Paypal at

2017 Sept Alpaca-325.jpg

Luxury knitwear 

The Alpaca Collection is the largest UK based wholesale business that specialises exclusively in pure Alpaca knitwear. Our customers include palaces, castles, cruise ships, visitor centres, multiple retailers and mail-order catalogues The core of our business, however, is independent clothes shops for ladies and gentlemen and top market gifts shops where customers are looking for luxury and exclusivity.

Geographically, we have customers in North America, Europe, Japan and Africa with the majority of our 140 customers being based in the UK.



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